War of the Spheres

Jan 15, 2019 -- Posted by : admin

51lz9dlhYbL.jpgWhen humanity reaches for the stars, our probes are destroyed. We've discover an incredibly advanced piece of technology: a massive force-field. Unknown beings have placed a barrier around our star and planets, enclosing us within. We’re locked inside a Great Sphere. 

Was this invisible wall built to imprison us—or to protect us? No one knows the truth, but it soon becomes clear the barrier has leaks. Aliens infiltrate and try to sabotage our efforts to escape our cage. 

A warship crewed by military people and scientists beta-tests an engine designed to pass through the barrier. Chief Gray, a security officer from Control, is assigned to help. His mission is critical: Earth must escape her bonds at all costs, even if it means war with our hostile neighbors.

War of the Spheres is a new novel by James Millington and B. V. Larson, bestselling SF author with over three million copies sold.


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