RELEASED: BLOOD WORLD (November, 2017)

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From Hugo and Dragon Award finalist David VanDyke, and million-selling science-fiction legend and Dragon finalist B.V. Larson, comes book three in the epic military space opera adventure saga!

Commodore Straker faces new enemies as neighboring interstellar empires decide his New Republic is a growing threat. A two-front war develops, and the Liberator must face both the Mutuality and the Hundred Worlds.

Even as the fighting rages, the mysterious Opters are on the move. They make a diplomatic effort to reach out to Straker—but can he trust the Hive Masters? Will they help, or stab him in the back?

FLAGSHIP VICTORY is a thrilling tale of warfare and adventure among the stars. This is the third book in the Galactic Liberation series, look for book #1, STARSHIP LIBERATOR if you’re new to this expanding universe.

RELEASED: BLOOD WORLD (November, 2017)

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A dirty deal was struck. Humanity was allowed to keep three hundred rebellious worlds. In return, we declared war on a powerful enemy from beyond the frontier.

A frantic build-up of forces has begun, but the task is hopeless. Seeking allies, Earth’s legions are sent to BLOOD WORLD. A planet on the fringe of known space, where the people only respect masters of combat.

Earth’s Legions must impress them, but other alien powers have been invited to join the contest. The prize consists of billions of loyal troops—Earth must win.

Fighting and dying and fighting again, the struggle is half-mad—but so is James McGill.

BLOOD WORLD is the eighth book in the Undying Mercenaries Series.

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NEW SF:  THE BLACK FLEET Released (October, 2017)

Available now HERE.

A human settlement clings to life on the deadliest planet ever colonized. The indigenous creatures of Faust have never accepted any invaders--but today, new arrivals haunt their skies.

The Black Ship is a predatory vessel. Built for stealth, she glides undetected among the stars, seeking colonies along the Faustian Chain that are ripe for raiding--or outright conquest.

These three forces: the colonists, the alien life forms, and the cyborg crew of the Black Ship, are on a collision course in this thrilling military SF adventure.

THE BLACK SHIP, a Novella of classic science fiction, is part of the Imperium Series.

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NEW SF: ALPHA FLEET Released (July, 2017)

Available now HERE. Audio Book HERE!

The Imperials have devised a cunning new method of destroying Rebel worlds.

Captain Leo Blake is largely responsible for both our survival and our current predicament. He and his crew are infamous among the stars. As a result, when ships of an unknown configuration begin flowing out of swirling rifts above Earth, Blake is called upon again to deal with the problem.

But the approaching fleet isn’t what it seems. They’re employing an entirely new way to exterminate Rebels. They will accept nothing less than conquering Earth—or better yet, destroying all life on our planet...

ALPHA FLEET is the third book in the Rebel Fleet series.

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NEW SF AUDIOBOOK: ROGUE WORLD Released on Audible (June, 2017)

Ebook: CLICK.  Audiobook: CLICK.

Today, Battle Fleet 921 is returning to Earth. It hasn’t been seen by human eyes since our blissful day of Annexation. But what should be a joyful occasion, a chance to grovel at the feet of superior lifeforms, is rapidly becoming a nightmare.

Over the last century, Humanity has engaged in many activities that our Overlords find… questionable. A panic ensues, and Legion Varus is deployed to erase certain “mistakes” our government has made. Projects must be purged to stop Imperial military action.

Among the thousands marching to war is one man no politician has ever enjoyed dealing with. One man who’s destined to follow his own unique path through Galactic Law, Morality and the Stars themselves.

James McGill is about to make history.

ROGUE WORLD is the seventh book in the Undying Mercenaries Series

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NEW SF: STARSHIP LIBERATOR 2 Released (May, 2017)

Book 1 Available now HERE.


Book 2 Available now HERE.

The Hundred Worlds have withstood invasion by the relentless Hok for decades. The human worlds are strong, but the Hok have the resources of a thousand planets behind them, and their fleets attack in endless waves.

The long war has transformed the Hundred into heavily fortified star systems. Their economies are geared for military output, and they raise specialized soldiers to save our species. Assault Captain Derek Straker is one such man among many. Genetically sculpted to drive a mech-suit as if he wears a second skin, he must defend Corinth to the last.

It’s a battle in which he’ll never admit defeat, but not even Straker knows the dark truth behind this titanic struggle.

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NEW SF: ORION FLEET Released (November, 2016)

Available now HERE. Audio Book HERE.

What enemy could be more terrifying than a soulless, alien machine?

A year ago the Kher Empire was forced to retreat, but they were not beaten. In ORION FLEET they return with a new weapon. A huge ship driven by AI begins methodically grinding inhabited worlds to dust. This unstoppable enemy is without fear or remorse, and the Rebels begin a desperate battle just to slow its advance.

Leo Blake takes Earth’s first warship into space to find a counter to this deadly new attack. The Imperial Fleets take notice of Earth’s interference, and they’re intent upon revenge. Even if he wins, Blake might have doomed our homeworld.

ORION FLEET is the second book in the Rebel Fleet series.

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NEW RELEASE: REBEL FLEET (September, 2016)


They hunt us. They bomb our worlds for target practice.

A star cluster in the constellation of Orion rotates once every thousand years. Those who rule there have an ancient tradition: When each cycle ends, they train their fleets by spilling the blood of lesser beings.

The enemy fleets are coming again. In response, the Rebel Worlds gather their starships to face the terrifying threat, and this time humanity is asked to stand with them.

The last time they considered Earth, Vikings in longboats were raiding English coastlines. Today, we’re less primitive. Today, we're a target.

One man is chosen to command Earth's single ship in the Rebel Fleet. When the war breaks out, Leo Blake must win it… or die trying.

REBEL FLEET is the first book in the Rebel Fleet series.

New SF: STAR CARRIER Released (May, 2016)

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Available at Amazon and Audible.

BOOK 3 of The Lost Colonies Trilogy is out now!

Earth builds her first war fleet! The greatest warships ever constructed in known space rise up one by one, soon dominating our skies. They strike fear into the hearts of every citizen and rebel colonist alike.

Captain William Sparhawk, the very man who convinced the secretive Council to build this terrifying fleet, now has doubts about the project. What is their exact mission? How could anyone have been built these huge ships so quickly? And most puzzling of all, what’s happening out at the isolated laboratory complex on Phobos, Mars’ lop-sided moon? 

Audiobook Released: HOME WORLD (February, 2016)

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 Available at Amazon and AUDIBLE!

BOOK 6 of Undying Mercenaries is out now!

The Galactics arrived with their Battle Fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spanned the Milky Way.

When the Earth is invaded by a rival empire, James McGill’s legion must defend the Home World. The top brass has complex plans, but none of that matters much to McGill, who chooses his own unique path. Traveling to star systems no human has ever visited, he searches for a technological edge to beat the enemy before it’s too late. Along the way he unleashes new terrors, triggering the biggest battles in human history.

New SF: DREADNOUGHT Released (November, 2015)

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Available at Amazon and Audible.

BOOK 2 of The Lost Colonies Trilogy is out now!

Captain William Sparhawk flies Earth’s single starship on a voyage of exploration. His crew of veteran spacers begins the mission with high hopes and the best of intentions, but the universe has other plans. Instead of space merchants and potential allies, they discover Earth’s impending doom. Sparhawk must decide whether to hunt down enemy scouts to keep Earth’s new starship a secret, or to head home to warn Star Guard of the danger. Either way, he’s ignited an interstellar war.

Audible available for STAR FORCE #12: demon Star (August, 2015)

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Tesla Builds Marvin-like Robot!

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Available at Amazon and Audible !

Three stars, three worlds, three civilizations…one massive war.

In a triple star system, not all planets are equal. When the DEMON STAR swings closest in her orbit, the Insectoids always invade. They raid the inner worlds with grim regularity, riding hordes of stealthed ships in ever growing waves. Their mission is to destroy all opposition—alien, human or otherwise.

Cody Riggs, lost among an endless chain of interstellar rings, flies his task force of starships into the middle of an eternal struggle for survival between three civilizations. He takes it upon himself to help the more peaceful worlds, but only manages to bring disaster to all humanity. 

Brand New SF: BATTLE CRUISER Released (June, 2015)Battle Cruiser Slide.png

Available at Amazon and Audible

Hello Readers!

BATTLE CRUISER is 400+ pages of 100% new Military Science Fiction. If you like terrifying starships that are so big you can see them from your city streets, click here and fly this book to your kindle right now!


Update: SF Book Vindicated! (June, 2015)

It's always fun for an SF author when one of his fictional predictions comes true. In STARFIRE the US military puts temperature probes all over the Arctic to figure out what's happening to the ice...well, guess what? Obama just ordered them to do it! Click for the article in the Washington Times.



A new Space Exploration Novel

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Available at Amazon and Audible

Two ships launch, but only one can come home with the prize—and no one suspects what they’ll find when they get out there.

On June 30, 1908 an object fell from the sky releasing more energy than a thousand Hiroshima bombs. A Siberian forest was flattened, but the strike left no significant crater. The anomaly came to be known as the Tunguska Event, and scientists have never agreed whether it was the largest meteor strike in recorded history—or something else.

Alien Artifacts have been uncovered since the 1908 event, and a new star drive is discovered. When a larger Artifact is detected orbiting Jupiter, both NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency are determined to beat all rivals to the next treasure trove of alien tech.

STARFIRE is a 400+ page action-packed Space Exploration novel.

Update: DEATH WORLD on AUDIBLE! (June, 2015)

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Available at Amazon and Audible.

Unknown aliens attack Earth. Their planet is uncharted, mysteriously having avoided detection for centuries. It's a world packed with the most vicious aliens humanity has yet to encounter. James McGill has discovered: DEATH WORLD.

In the fifth book of the Undying Mercenaries series, the war comes home and aliens strike a devastating blow. Bent on revenge, Legion Varus chases the raiders to the stars and discovers a growing alien menace. A cancerous species has invaded our region of the galaxy and must be dealt with. McGill learns why the Cephalopod Kingdom has yet to attack Earth and what's happening behind the scenes in the Core Worlds. Throughout, he upholds his unique sense of right, wrong and honor.

To read the first book in this series, look for STEEL WORLD, by B. V. Larson.

Update: MACHINE WORLD Released on Audible (April, 2015)

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Available at Amazon and Audible

The Galactics arrived with their Battle Fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spanned the Milky Way. Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder.

In the fourth book of the series, James McGill is up for promotion. Not everyone is happy about that, and McGill must prove he’s worth his stripes. Deployed to a strange alien planet outside the boundaries of the Galactic Empire, he’s caught up in warfare and political intrigue. Earth expands, the Cephalopod Kingdom launches ships to stop us, and a grand conspiracy emerges among the upper ranks of the Hegemony military.

In MACHINE WORLD, McGill faces an entirely new kind of alien life, Galactic prosecution, and thousands of relentless squid troopers. He lives and dies in the falling ashes of the Empire, a man of unique honor at the dawn of humanity’s resurgence.

MACHINE WORLD is a military science fiction novel by bestselling author B. V. Larson. (To find the first book in the series, search for STEEL WORLD, by B. V. Larson.)

UPDATE: EXILE (Star Force #11) LIVE NOW ON AUDIBLE ! (Jan, 2015)


Available at Amazon and Audible !

Lost and cut off from Earth, the crew of the starship Valiant seeks a way home.

In the eleventh book of the Star Force series Cody Riggs collides with the overwhelming power of the Ancients. They fly incomprehensible ships and consider humans to be curiosities.

Caught between ghosts of the past and demons of the present, Cody is abandoned by everyone. His girl, his crew, and even his ships change sides, exiling him in the cold depths of space.

Demonstrating the strength of any Riggs family member, Cody manages to climb back into the game, upsetting the plans of his enemies and his allies alike. The only question is whether or not he’ll live long enough to regret it.

To read the first book in this series look for SWARM by B. V. Larson.

News: ARMY OF ONE Released (Christmas, 2014)

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 Available NOW at Amazon and Audible.

Star Force is called to arms again! 

Sentient machines are invading from the skies! There’s only one man on Earth who’s nanotized but not yet a member of Star Force. Will he do his part to save the world? Or will he join the forces of darkness and doom humanity to oblivion?

As requested by many STAR FORCE readers, this story has been released as a single title at last. ARMY OF ONE is a standalone NOVELLA, which means it’s SHORTER and CHEAPER than your typical Star Force book.

Previously published in the anthology Planetary Assault, ARMY OF ONE is the tale of one dangerous man on a do-or-die mission. This is the private story of one of the series’ most influential characters, a must-read for any fan of the books, and an easy introduction for anyone who is a new recruit to STAR FORCE.

If you are new to the Star Force Series, this novella is a good cheap way to start.

News: TECH WORLD Released (August, 2014)

Tech World Slide.png

TECH WORLD is available at: Amazon, Audiobook CD, Audible

The Galactics arrived with their Battle fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spanned the Milky Way. Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder. 

In the third book in the series, James McGill is deployed on another alien world. His third interstellar tour is different in every way. Rather than meeting up with a primitive society, this time he’s headed to an advanced world. Tau Ceti, better known as Tech World, is the central trading capital of Frontier 921. 

McGill figures he’s lucked out. The assignment looks dull but luxurious. Tau Ceti boasts a planet-wide city with a trillion inhabitants, all of whom are only interested in making a few credits. But all is not well on Tech World. The Empire is crumbling, an invasion is coming, and McGill’s easy ride through life and death has come to an end.

NOTE: This series starts off with STEEL WORLD.

Cool: New Addition to the Tapper wars, the "Cicret" !



More Cool: Time Magazine photographs James McGill demonstrating a "Tapper" from the Undying Mercenaries series! 

 The Tapper.gif

Join Legion Varus to get your implant here ! 

News: OUTCAST Released (June, 2014)

Outcast 3.png

Available at Amazon and Audible.

Star Force is called to arms again! 

Many peaceful years have passed since the Macro Wars ended. Most of those who fought against the heartless machines have aged—but not the ingenious artificial construct known as Marvin. His insatiable curiosity is as strong as ever, and he’s brought home fresh perils to humanity’s doorstep.

The new Saga in the Star Force universe begins with OUTCAST, the longest book in the series.

To read the first book in this series, look for SWARM, by B. V. Larson.

News: Dust World Released (May, 2014)


Available at Audible and Amazon

A lost colony contacts Earth, surprising our government. Colonization is against Galactic Law, and Legion Varus is dispatched to the system to handle the situation. Earth gave them sealed orders, but Earth is thirty-five lightyears away. The Legion commanders have a secret plan of their own. And then there's James McGill, who was never too good at listening to authority in the first place...

In DUST WORLD, book two of the Undying Mercenaries Series, McGill is promoted to Specialist and sent to a frontier planet outside the Empire. Earth's status within the Empire will never be the same.

NEWS:  THE DEAD SUN  Released (December, 2013)


Available at Amazon and Audible.

Kyle Riggs sits uneasily upon Earth’s throne. He’s liberated his homeworld from a tyrant, only to replace him. 

In THE DEAD SUN, the ninth book of the Star Force Series, the Great War between life and the machines reaches its final chapter. Both sides have new technology and expanded industrial bases. Star Force and the machines attempt to exterminate one another in a final, glorious conflict. Along the way, Riggs finally learns who his real friends and enemies are. 

To read the first book in this series, look for SWARM, by B. V. Larson.

Update: STEEL WORLD on Audible (December, 2013)


Available at Audible and Amazon

In the twentieth century Earth sent probes, transmissions and welcoming messages to the stars. Unfortunately, someone noticed.

The Galactics arrived with their battle fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined their vast Empire.

Swearing allegiance to our distant alien overlords wasn’t the only requirement for survival. We also had to have something of value to trade. Something that neighboring planets would pay their hard-earned credits to buy. As most of the local worlds were too civilized to have a proper army, the only valuable service we could provide came in the form of soldiers. Someone had to do their dirty work for them, their fighting and dying.

I, James McGill, was born in 2099 on the fringe of the galaxy. When I ran out of college loans and options I turned to the stars. My first campaign involved the invasion of a mineral-rich planet called Cancri-9, better known as Steel World. The attack didn’t go well, and now Earth is in a grim struggle for survival.

News: DREAM MAGIC Released (December, 2013)


Available at Amazon

Long awaited, Dream Magic has finally been released and ends the Haven Series. Twice the length of any other story this book includes three appendices that explain and discuss the underlying world. 

DREAM MAGIC is the final volume in the series. If you are new to the books, it is strongly suggested you start with Volume One:"HAVEN MAGIC". This entire epic series of fantasy novels by bestselling author B. V. Larson weighs in at 1600+ pages and is now available in print, audio or ebook form.

MORE New Releases: "HAVEN MAGIC" and "DARK MAGIC" are new fantasy volumes from the Haven series. Redited and with extra materials, "HAVEN MAGIC" includes the first three novels, and "DARK MAGIC" includes novels 4 to 6. Together with volume 3: "DREAM MAGIC" the series is complete, and much less expensive.


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